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© 2016 by Kuumba Family Institute, Inc.

Marketplace/Vending Guidelines

1.  Exhibitors are encouraged to arrive as early as 8:00 AM and must be fully set up by 11:00 AM.

     (Doors open at 12 noon). Any marketplace participants who arrive after 10:30 AM will not be allowed to set up

      unless prior arrangements have been made and there are NO REFUNDS. To avoid a late fee and/or in case of

       emergency hindering your arrival call 609-638-1460 before 10 AM.


2.  Only sponsors may set-up on Friday night. All other vendors must set-up on Saturday morning


3.  Exhibitors having a regular vending space will be allowed a maximum of two (1 vendor plus 1 helper), and

     exhibitors with a double + space will be allowed a maximum of three (1 vendor plus 2 helpers).

     All other helpers are expected to pay at the door.


4.  Check-in station for all marketplace participants and presenters. The purpose of the station is to make sure all participants receive all necessary materials and assistance in a timely, convenient, and secure manner.


5.  All vendors and presenters must check-in at the Tasker Street or Morris Street gym entrance before set-up in order to receive required vendor materials (wristband, resource book, and table assignment). As a courtesy, when you arrive, Locks Conference volunteers will also be on hand October 5th and 6th to assist presenters and to direct you to your reserved space after you check-in.


6.  Exhibitors must monitor their space during the entire event, and that space must be left clean.

(A cleaning fee of $35.00 will be charged if excessive trash/boxes, etc. are left in your space). Displays must not extend beyond the allotted space and should not interfere with the visibility of adjoining exhibitors. All entrances, exits, and paths must be kept clear and free of obstructions.


7.   Exhibitors who have participated in our conference for more than five consecutive years are eligible for a vendor loyalty weekend discount only if the application and full fee are received prior to Ju1y 15, 2019. See the attached exhibitors/vending Exchange/rates sheet


8.  Please note that there are limited electric-ready spots, and only those exhibitors who have indicated on their

heir application and included the additional fee will have access to electricity. All such exhibitors must supply their own extension cords.


9.  On Sunday, October 6th, exhibitors must start breaking down by 8:30 PM and vacate the premises by 9:55 PM. There is a $50.00 fine for all those marketplace participants who do not vacate the premises by 10:00 PM.


10.  In the spirit of Umoja ~ Kujichagulia ~ Ujima ~ Ujamaa ~ Nia ~ Kuumba ~ Imani, this conference supports and highlights Africans in the Diaspora & Indigenous Aboriginal owned and run businesses. Therefore, all marketplace participants must meet that criteria and be approved by the Kuumba Family Institute and the Kuumba Family Organizing Committee.


11.  To maintain diversity of goods and services in the marketplace and to be fair to accepted participants, any sharing of vending spaces must be pre-approved (prior to the conference) in writing. For clarity or approval, please email the Kuumba Family at internationalLocksconference@gmail.com


12.  Remember to return the application and appropriate donation as soon as possible to ensure your space because the marketplace fills up very quickly. (See exhibitors/vending application for submission dates and rates and or visit the Locks conference website) We will not be accepting applications nor money on the day of the event. Do not wait. Be part of our story. Send your application and money order today! Remember this is a family affair, and we look forward to sharing this special event with you and your family and wish you a productive and prosperous weekend!


13.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to contact Sakinah Ali-Sabree at 267-259-8400

      On-site Vending Coordinator Queen Samiyah Mu-El at 215-888-6509 (after 7 PM)


  Send all written correspondence to 6801 North 16th Street ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126