All Natural  hair care  specialists  &  lock  artists!

This is your chance to showcase your individual styling and hair care talents.

Join us on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 6:30PM at the

Universal Audenried Charter High School-3301Tasker Street, Philadelphia 19145


                        VGrand prize:  $250.00+ Trophy VSecond place: Trophy

All competitors will receive a certificate of participation

General Guidelines

            Get back Bonner Brothers, step aside Revlon and Pantene, The Kuumba Family is    

  all the way natural and alive with a natural hair show worthy of its participants and reflective of the highest quality that the attendees of the Philly Locks Conference have come to expect and thoroughly enjoy.  We want to continue the tradition of honoring our glorious heritage and to maintain the level of dignity and integrity that this family affair deserves.  So in lieu of an  in-person audition, we require pictures of your models and the costumes that will presented in the show.  Please enclose the pictures with your registration form and fee.


ÕPre-registration is required and the entry fee must be paid in advance for each model.

ÕRegistration fee is $20.00 per model (no more than five models per shop)

ÕModels must be prepared to make a seven-minute presentation

ÕJudging will on a visual basis only for style, originality, and creativity

ÕOnly locking and twisting techniques are allowed.

ÕAlthough Lock extensions are not allowed, combination styling is permitted (i.e. braiding or twisting

     the locks.  (Wigs, weaves, glue hairpieces, or any type of synthetic hair are definitely are not allowed)

ÕModels’ hair must be chemical-free except for coloring.  Normal hair adornments are allowed

ÕModels’ hair, clothes, make-up, and presentation should reflect the essence of the hairstyles.

ÕModels should arrive at least 45 minutes before show time and be prepared to compete

ÕAll models must sign the enclosed release form before participating in the hair show.

Remember this is a family event, be mindful of the content of the music you select,

Please no profanity or obscene language

  For more information, email us at  or call the coordinator,


Please Post



                             Sakinah Ali-Sabree at 267-259-8400 or 1-800-890 5109   

Our Mailing Address

6801 North 16th street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126

Contact Us

TEL: 215-438-8189 / 800 890 5159


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