Life is but a Dream

August 3, 2017


Imagine if you were floating in the universe much like this spiral, what could you point to as a learning experience, as a feel good moment, as an opportunity to increase your knowledge? Something to ponder. Yes, in theory we learn from what some may see as adversity, while others view the happenings in their lives as mini or major blessings, as opportunities to get it right!


In an effort to show gratitude and to take time to take inventory of all the good things that happen in our life,  and the lives of the many brothers and sisters who come from around  the world  The Kuumba Family Institute crew decided to expand its horizons and share with the community some insights, laughter, helpful and nutritional tips.  So we happily welcome you  to our


"Hair's  Something to Ponder" Blog!  


Every year for twenty-three years we have presented the community with an informative, exciting, and fresh experience which is known as the Annual International Locks Conference (AILC): Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo, affectionately called the "Philly Locks Conference."


All those who have attended walked away or floated away with something meaningful: a new attitude, new clothes, accessories, new way of eating, of healing, relaxing, new skills, recharged, met old and/or new friends, learned about styling and grooming their hair. The choices have been unlimited. Many report that the whole experience has been repeatedly fun and rejuvenating.


We are delighted that brothers and sisters from all around the globe

have supported and continue to support our efforts. The Annual International Locks Conference Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo for us is a true labor of love. Since the conference is much bigger than an Afro, much more than a natural hair and fashion show, much more than a fantastic shopping trip, and so much more than a collection of informative workshops and demonstrations,  some people miss a few of the outstanding features and activities. Sometimes what appears effortless and so amazing can be taken for granted. We thought that in addition to

sharing more interesting tidbits about wellness, culture, family, fashion  and occasionally a rant of two on the latest happening, we would give you a peak on the inner workings and background on the Kuumba Family Institute's crew.


Initially, the conference was organized by the Kuumba Sisters, we added a few brothers and became the Kuumba Family Organizing Committee. What was a dream became true life, and now we have evolved into the Kuumba Family Institute, Inc.(KFII).



The foundation of all that the Kuumba Family Institute's activities are the principles of Maat and the empowerment and global liberation of Aboriginal Indigenous people and Africans  in the Diaspora.  We acknowledge that universal laws exist and are in full operation whether we know them or not.  We the Kuumba Family Institute feels duty bound to exchanging views, spread good news, respect our ancestors, grand ancestors, and each other. So we invite you to drop by often and see what's new to ponder. Remember to breathe deeply, laugh out loud, relax well and often, cherish liberty and life!


Peace And Blessings









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