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"I was trying to support a Black business, but..."

August 17, 2017

“I was trying to support a Black business, but…”

     Why does supporting a business owned by brothers and sisters have to come with a caveat? Why must our brothers and sisters in business experience extreme scrutiny in order to get supposed support?  This topic drives me completely crazy!!!!  Since birth my parents have worked extremely hard to combat the false idea of Black inferiority as seen on television shows, heard on the radio, in cartoons, in movies, in plays, in toy stores, and in life in general. So seeking out a Black business is second nature for me. I don’t look at it like I’m doing something noble and auspicious! I’ve come to the realization that people who make such a big deal about trying to support a Black business suffer from self-hate. Those people feel like they are doing a black business a favor and they are going to check them out to see if the businesses are worthy of their support.  These same people will spend their money in those filthy Asian stores on each corner with bullet proof glass and won’t think twice about the quality of their food or the horrible customer service.  When those people go into their favorite coffee shop and the order is wrong, they don’t go on Yelp and say, “I tried to support a whyt business, but…”  Instead of tearing down a Black business owner, offer assistance or a word of advice. 


     Oh! And don’t approach our businesses with trepidation or act all tentative. If you want to genuinely support, then offer your support! Black people may be magic, but we are also human. So if you walk into the business and somebody does not speak right away, don’t go on yelp and bash the business! There will be good days and not so good days at any business.


      Sheesh!! If you are truly dedicated to uplifting the people and offering genuine support because you actually like supporting people who look like you, then let’s make it happen.  But if you are a that Black person who really doesn’t like Black people and are looking for ways to tear down your own people, keep away from our businesses. We want good vibes and good energy only! We only want those interested in building the next Black Wall Street to be on our team. and don't tell me, "I couldn't find a Black person who does...." think again, we do everything. One just has to do some research. We have got to do better!!! If you are the one who suffers from this disorder- STOP IT! Seek help immediately! I am quite sure that out of all the negative experiences you have had with businesses, the less than perfect experiences with Black businesses may have been miniscule. 


      Over the past 23 years, The Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Wholistic Health, & Beauty Expo has supported thousands of Black businesses and even influenced others to start Natural Hair events in other cities.  There are so many talented artists, craftsmen, and business owners that vend each year. Some business owners have gone on to have massive businesses and are in positions to employ hundreds of people.  Supporting a Black business is more than just some novel idea; it is about survival and overcoming this false idea that we cannot make moves or be successful.